Roof insulation company in Jizan

The roofs of houses and facilities inside Jazan are exposed to a severe rise or fall in temperature, and thus the high or low temperature leaks into the building, forcing some people to use the required expertise to isolate the roofs, and therefore the customer will not find such a company as a roof insulation company in Jazan, which has the best engineers and technicians who perform the insulation process The company also provides the best prices and raw materials.

Roof insulation company in Jizan
Roof insulation company in Jizan

The advantages of the roof insulation company in Jazan:

A set of features are available in the Jazan roof insulation company, which makes the customer use them to insulate his roof. These features are:

  • The company has a highly trained and equipped work team in this field.
  • Providing the best price in the market and constantly providing quotations to its old and new customers.
  • The use of the best materials used in the insulation process, as well as providing complete credibility and seriousness in dealing.
  • The company offers a one-year warranty on the insulation process, in addition to a periodic inspection of the place to ensure the effectiveness of the insulation.

Types of roof insulation:-

There are two types of insulation that the company performs, which are waterproofing and thermal insulation, and each of them has a set of advantages in relation to:

  • Waterproofing: A group of materials such as bitumen sheets are used, which are installed on the roof of the building to prevent water leakage, and silica is used, a type of glass that is mixed with water and used to prevent water leakage, polyester, cork, rock wool and other important materials used by the company.
  • Thermal insulation: in which perlite is used, a material that reflects heat, rock wool, which is in the form of panels that are glued and fixed to the surface.

Reasons for insulating roofs:

  • Roofs are exposed in the summer to a very high temperature that may lead to the erosion of roofs and rooftops in Jazan and vice versa in the winter, when these roofs are exposed to a severe drop in temperatures, which may reach below zero.

Which represents a danger to the concrete surfaces, which leads to the leakage of temperatures into the building, whether high or low temperatures, and therefore the uninsulated surface is exposed to temperature leakage.

  • Heavy rain collects after it falls in the winter season, which collects on the surface and is not drained, resulting in the leakage of this water into the concrete layers, which leads to its erosion.

As all of these environmental factors may lead to the appearance of concrete and make it brittle and the roof to fall at times, and thus the need to isolate the roofs from heat and water in order to preserve the safety of the building and its residents.

Roof insulation steps followed by Jazan Roof Insulation Company:

The Jazan roof insulation company performs a set of steps that help in completing the roof insulation process with the required accuracy and efficiency. These steps are:

  • The company’s work team gets rid of all the dirt on the roof of the building
  • Remove all soil on the walls around the roofs.
  • Spray the place in order to make a side frame surrounding all the part to be isolated using cement and leave for 24 hours.
  • Start insulating the surface using bitumen after heating it and spraying it on the floors, then leave it to dry and repeat the process again.
  • Do a layer of burlap.
  • Putting the polystyrene material to ensure that the water does not penetrate.
  • Putting a layer of acrylic on the floors as an additional layer of protection.
  • The surface is left to dry and then water permeability is tested.
  • Putting sand, cement and floors, so that the insulation is completely.

There are also services within cities:  Makkah  –  Abha  –  Jeddah  –  Khamis Mushait , in   addition to Jazan services that you can undertake.

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